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Meet Athena Guice - Kasike Padmé Olugbala Ma'at Taína a Southern Black Boricua Full Spectrum Doula who is based in Broward county and serving Broward, Miami-Dade, and Palm Beach counties. Born in the country of Tampa, Florida in the 90's and being raised in South Florida since the year 2000, Athena's Puerto Rican heritage blends well with the Floribbean (Floridian & Caribbean) culture of Fort Lauderdale.


As a South Florida native, Athena Guice is a charismatic individual known by the community as an educator, a birthworker, certified birth doula, FULL CIRCLE DOULA, community health worker, neighborhood lactation support or "LA LECHE PLUG", entrepreneur, writer, community organizer, mother, daughter, oldest sister, self-care advocate, mathematician, physicist, polymath, servant of The People and friend. 

Her passions are studying anything and everything as she is a polymath, learning about militia and war strategies, making beats and playlists, developing ideas, solutions and considering methods to liberation as a Pan-Afrikanist and Puerto Rican nationalist. 


Athena Guice is the Founder and Chairman of The Indigo Party- An Apolitical Political Party founded in 2016. Athena founded The Indigo Party as she organized in the community, fought for freedom, justice and equity then submitted her #AnyoneButTrump candidacy for The seat of President of the United States at 20 years old. SHE PLANS ON RUNNING FOR FLORIDA GOVERNOR IN 2026 FIRST TO MAKE HISTORY AS THE FIRST FEMALE GOVERNOR OF FLORIDA.


 "Athena understands that being of service to the community requires undeterred commitment. After answering the call to a Doula work in 2015, Athena has dedicated much of her time, energy, and efforts to studying all things related to maternal health to show up for the Black, Brown, Indigenish, community."  


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Athena Gabriella is the founder of Hija Del Sol Birth Services, LLC. founded originally in 2016 as Hija Del Sol Media, LLC. Athena Guice and her business awarded a winning prize of start-up funds at The Fort Lauderdale 'Sistrunk Soup' (Micro-funding Event) June & October 2017 which brought a lot of attention to her community startupp in Fort Laderdale, Fl and surrounding areas such as Miami - Dade and Palm Beach. Her company: a community-based doula services company aiming to demystify birth as well as the way we look at and talk about the time before, during and after. While her organization's mission is to "support the community through birth-work and education," she plans to extend her reach by launching her virtual full circle doula program and in person training to train, mentor and develop future doulas committed to the perinatal work. 


Through her work, this South Florida native has developed partnerships with individuals and organizations dedicated to making a positive impact. She is committed to offering birthing people and families emotional, informational, and physical support during/shortly after childbirth within the scope of a doula's practice. 


Supporting community through birth-work and



Normalization of the role and presence of doulas globally as it pertains to pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum.






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"Wherever. However."