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"Learning is a lifelong journey and 

the journey is the destination." -Athena Guice

"Becoming a Doula is truly about mastering the art of serving The People as we understand our responsibility and role in the community and hold the welfare of THE PEOPLE above all. We are nonmedical professionals but ESSENTIAL to the health and wellness of the community locally and globally. Even amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, competent Doulas are in HIGH DEMAND.  

The People deserve authentic public servants who carry the mission of liberation for ALL oppressed peoples in their heart and soul. Doula and Midwife memories lie dormant in our DNA, as many of our Ancestors took on these sacred roles in their colonized communities as a means for survival. Even as enslaved prisoners of war, we welcomed our babies Earthside and our Mommas through a sacred transition with FREEDOM, JUSTICE, AND EQUITY IN OUR HEARTS. White Doula organizations charge melanoid folk to learn what our Ancestors TAUGHT THEIRS. You know how to doula already- it just takes gentle guidance from a modernized, yet traditional Afro-Indigenous Doula to wake up the cellular memories within you and set you up with the tools to build a sustainable Doula practice.


I don't want you to make my mistakes- I want you to MAKE A LIVING."


-Kasíke Padmé Olugbala Ma'at Taína



Mission & Vision

Mission: To Support Community through Perinatal work and education.

Vision: To normalize the role and presence of full spectrum/ full circle doulas GLOBALLY.



Virtual Program ($3.399)

Virtual Doula Training: 65-hour program that is pre-recorded so you can take your classes at your own pace. The program can be completed anywhere between 1 & 6 months then you receive certification, badge & live mentorship sessions upon completion.


Virtual and In Person Blend Program ($5,499)

Virtual + In Person Blend Doula Training: 100-hour program. In order to attend the 3-Day (35-hour) in-person Doula Rites of Passage Retreat in South Florida or Puerto Rico, you must complete the prerequisite 65-hour virtual program. Upon completion of 100-hour program, you receive certification, badge & live mentorship sessions.


When Hija Del Sol Births committed to offer the global community these Doula training programs at the start of January 2021, it was shocking (to say the least) that over 250 people would show interest in less than 2 months of spreading the word alone!!! Our mission: "Supporting the community through education and birth-work" drives our vision "to normalize the presence of Doulas GLOBALLY!" These innovative, yet traditional doula programs launch 2021 as Hija Del Sol Birth Services aims to take an active role in training doulas to serve as the demand for doulas increase since the 2020 pandemic. As legislation and insurance companies begin to introduce and include doulas in policy design, Hija Del Sol Birth Services aims to provide a global full spectrum doula program using community health-worker models and deep research of the work of 19th century Black midwives for inspiration; so when doulas become mainstream there is a competent community-based perinatal health-worker program to serve as a model of competent doula training in today's society. 

Want to become a doula? Feel free to text my business cell at (+1) 754-244-5082 or email me at for any concerns, questions, or comments. -Athena Guice, Doula

What can you expect to learn in this Full Spectrum Doula Program?

The Radical Rebirth Doula Rites of Passage 3-Day Retreat & 

The People's Perinatal HealthWorker Program

Full Circle Doulas provide (non-medical) support to people and families journeying through 

TTC (Trying to Conceive), Reproductive Health, Preconception, Sex + Sex Positive Education, Pregnancy, Labor & Delivery, Postpartum, Breast/Bodyfeeding, Parenthood, Infant loss (Miscarriage, stillbirth, abortion), Death & more... Read below to see how this training will set you up to build a UNIQUE DOULA PRACTICE!

"The Radical Rebirth Doulas have a unique opportunity to radicalize the way we serve each other in this shifting society/economy... Something as simple as educating more doulas on the social issues and how these health disparities/inequities interact with perinatal justice work is so trivial to sending socially and politically aware doulas in to the homes of the community. We Doulas are the true gatekeepers, seeing as often times, the doula is trusted and respected by the community in a way that many healthcare providers aren't because they do not pose a threat of reporting their clients if they should see something concerning, but offer solutions and gentle suggestions without stigmatization or criminalization the current system was founded on and thrives on still. When we think about community solutions- Doulas can serve an important role in providing a solution to There is no community without "u" and "I" and Doulas reflect that. Imagine a world where we could truly divest from the police and, instead of calling the police or 911 for domestic disputes, civil issues, 911 overuse for a variety of reasons not limited to domestic disputes or mental health distress calls, a laboring momma or birthing parent, social issues, and had the Radical Rebirth Doula Stations to call instead. We need truly competent alternatives such as community doulas from the local Doula Station... Doulas could virtually serve as the alternative to police and 911- & when we talk divestment from the prison industrial complex, we should also offer another route to direct those same funds. Doulas are professionals in supporting in a non-medical emotional, informational and physical support role much like a community health worker and/or first responder. 


The Radical Rebirth 9-Day Doula Rites of Passage Retreat and The People's 24-Week Online Perinatal HealthWorker Program will be the innovative and traditional programming that shifts the global culture into the 22nd century. Lets ask what WE can do for our community- not what our community can do FOR US. "


-Kasíke Padmé Olugbala Ma'at Taína


  • Physical Support and Presence: Pain management techniques, stress relief methods, traditional comfort measures,  the art of touch medicine, the art of gentle presence and physically supporting *without* touch, traditional Southern Black abdominal and womb rubbin's, c-section remediation support, breastfeeding and bodyfeeding/infant feeding support, gentle use of house herbs and foods, basic cooking support, Intro to CPR & First Aid, LAPPA techniques (Rebozo), hip closing ceremonies using LAPPA (also called Rebozo), using the LAPPA (Rebozo) before and after babe(s), standing your ground, basic self defense, sensory support tools, and more on Afro-Indigenous technology...

  • Emotional/Mental Support: Cultivation, protection and facilitation of nonjudgemental safe spaces, utilizing emotional intelligence to serve The People, motivational interviewing, intro to mental health first aid, offering peer support sessions to folks navigating the sacred and complex perinatal journey, offering emotional distress support, mental health awareness and wellness, providing emotional/mental support to the partner, husband, support person within the scope of a doula's practice, referrals to a trusted mental health professional, reduced chances of perinatal mood disorders, competent support for folks navigating perinatal mood disorder, holistic approach to reducing chances of birth/perinatal trauma, & so much more...

  • Informational Support and Resources: Providing unbiased suggestions on how to handle bureaucratic matters surrounding birth and babe(s),  resources and information to empower the person/family you serve to make informed decisions, building community resource list, introducation to medical terminology, introduction to Western research practices in the 21st century, reading/library addition list, reduction of c-section (if desired), self healing and management, navigating resources, how to problem solve, and so much more....

  • Partner or Support Person/Team Preparation: Educating the partner about childbirth education, pain management techniques and stress relief methods, ways to improve the perinatal experience, serving the family in a way that builds rapport and trust, introduction to and utilization of emotional intelligence, teaching them how to emotionally support during preconception, pregnancy, labor & delivery, postpartum, breast/body/infant feeding, infant loss, etc, intimacy building suggestions and exercises, encouraging bonding and reflection, support with family building and planning, peer emotional support sessions for couples or folks in ethical non-monogamous relationships/families, and so much more...

  • Spiritual Support: Offering nondenominational spiritual support to some of your "clients" as these are very sacred transitions and deserve to be treated as such... No one should feel like their relationship with Creator or Source should be stifled to appease or comfort someone else. Using love to hold space for Spirits coming Earthside... The art of gentle prayer or positive affirmations... Serving as a Spiritual liaison of peace of sorts... No judgements, be comfortable in your spiritual relationship with GOD/Ancestors/Source/Truth/Energy/Science

  • Administrative: Running a business is a lot of work but this program will have your practice set up and running by the end of it! Not only will you be prepared with all of the informational aspects of Doula work but you will be getting support building your website and utilizing all of the necessary tools to run a legitimate business that even banks will work with. Your website will be functional by the end of the program and there will be a 10-min website audit for those of you in certain cohorts- refer to LINK UP WIT DA GANG BELOW! You will be educated on administrative practices, keeping financial records for taxes (if you are United States- IRS education), budgets, building a sustainable practice that will thrive even in the new economy. Paperwork provided: such as PDFs for sessions with your clients, infographics for every occasion, agreements to protect yourself, photoshoot at the retreat everyday for website content, website support, marketing onboarding, a certified perinatal Health-worker badge shipped to you after you graduate, and so much more...

  • Community Perinatal First Responder: We serve and protect The People. We are honored to serve our communities. We are available to our community in a sacred way that The White Man cannot teach us. 

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