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T.S, Dad

She was very supportive and I truly believe the delivery would not had been such an amazing experience without her. I would refer our doula, and I would re-hire our doula. I’ve already referred her to a family! The doula did great! I would not change a thing. Even our family loved the doula (Athena)- she was like family as well. 

S.Z, Mom

My experience w/ my birth doula (Athena) was great; she was very helpful.I would re-hire and refer my doula. She did an amazing job during my birth. She helped me feel relaxed, supported,& helped me stay on track to have the delivery I wanted. All of my family appreciated her help + thought she did great. I would tell her to, "Keep doing what you love, you are amazing!"

T.B, Dad

To Birth Doula Athena: I don't know what I would've done if you weren't here. You and the nurses made a GREAT team.


Client Testimonials


E.A, Mom

She (Labor Doula: Athena) was very informative AND great with her hands... I don't think I would have been so calm without her there. I would re-hire + refer my doula because she knew what she was doing and is passionate about her work. My family respected her, trusted her and they all were extremely friendly towards her.


K.M, Mom

My partner and family didn’t know what a Doula was but at the end of our experience, they all embraced my Doula Athena. She feels like a part of the family. Her pain management strategies were key in getting me through my contractions. She is knowledgeable, thorough, and has a warm and caring spirit.

My Doula supported me by conducting childbirth education classes. She is very knowledgeable and gave me confidence in my birthing process. She utilized Hypno•birthing affirmations that supported my emotional well-being during labor. I look forward to re-hiring Athena for my next pregnancy & I’ve already referred her to close friends.

A.A, Mom

“When I first found out I was pregnant, one of my fears was not being able to produce milk, and not being able to breast-feed my daughter. I remember coming home from the hospital completely clueless on what to do to ensure my supply wouldn’t dry out. If it wasn’t for this caring woman + doula (Athena), taking time away from her own family to come and help mine, I truthfully can say I would not be in this predicament to STILL breast-feed my daughter who today is almost 2 years old. She encouraged me and was extremely supportive massaging and applying warm compress as my supply was hardening and would not let down. She aided me in pumping and insured I pumped every day. Through her help and assistance, I was able to produce a whopping 6 ounces out of each breast, all thanks to her knowledge, support, patience and time. There are no words I can say to thank her enough, what she did for my daughter and I, our family is priceless!”