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Pay-It-Forward Program

Are you interested in supporting another pregnant family's doula support but don't know how? Our Pay-It-Forward program was designed for those families who can only afford 60% of their package. When a third-party chooses to purchase a Pay-it-Forward bag- generated profits will be put into a fund to cover remaining 40% of doula services package.



Do you think this work is important? We do too! Without your concern, generosity and donations, some of the services we provide to lower-income families wouldn't be possible! We value all donations down to the cent! Consider donating to support another family's birth support!



Hija Del Sol Birth Services always welcomes professional collaborations with other small businesses and business-people. We understand that small businesses should work together more in order to compensate for lack of resources available to us. If you have a collaborative opportunity or idea, we're interested in listening! 


Finding sponsors is rarely an easy task! If you are interested in becoming a sponsor to fund Hija Del Sol Birth Services, LLC. for a specific program, project, event or activity- please click "I'm Interested!" below to find out more. Sponsorship packages are negotiable. Thank you!

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