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Our Upcoming Website Launch

I'm incredibly anxious about the launch of this website. I hope you, whoever you are and aren't, are able to take something from here. Whether it be something learned, something intriguing you want to look into, or something to do- I hope it finds you and is in alignment with the highest good of all involved.

I feel as if birth-work is an incredibly humbling profession that I've had the honor to be called to. I know this work is the farthest thing from easy but I do believe it is NECESSARY especially in my community and communities like mine all over the world. I hope to use my platforms to make topics and discussions centered around maternal care, common birthing practices (and the importance of self-care) normalized.

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Photo by Shay Waugh



Athena Guice

Birth Doula

Founder of Hija Del Sol Birth Services

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